Thursday, August 15, 2013

"Giant Slice Trademarks™"! Open for business!...

This new brand representing trademark registration services is a parody on a classic and fun hand held sign that is in use on the Venice Boardwalk in Venice, Calif. that says, GIANT SLICE PIZZA $1.99. These guys paid by the pizza stand stand out in the middle of the boardwalk and hold up the sign.  It's fun and it is part of the urban landscape that is the Venice Boardwalk.

So after years of not even realizing it, we thought this would make a fun slogan for our trademark registration services.  After all, if you need to get a trademark registration then why not choose GIANT SLICE TRADEMARKS™.

For those people and businesses wanting to maximize the protections available through a U.S. Federal Trademark Registration, we recommend that you read a recent article which we wrote and published online at:

AT THE BEACH:  A Primer on the Selection & Clearance of Trademarks

For more questions about trademarks, copyrights and licensing, we invite you to visit our website and other blog at:

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William E. Maguire
Santa Monica, Calif.

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